Introducing Flightpage

In the past two years at Routehappy, we’ve gathered a trove of data about flights thanks to our Flight Genius team of experts and flyers like you. Our database, Flightpad, houses over 6GB of data on flights including 100,000 ratings and 30,000 comments from reviewers in over 60 countries (accessible on our website and our iPhone app). We use this data to power our unique Happiness Scores, which you find on every flight you discover on Routehappy.

Have you ever had one or more of these questions pop into your head when you search for a flight or are already out traveling?

  • What’s the best way into the city from the airport?

  • Is Premium Economy worth the money?

  • Will there be healthy food at the airport?

  • Should I buy the food on the flight or bring with me?

  • How is the entertainment selection on the flight?

  • Will the seat covers match my outfit?

To answer them, we got to work developing our latest enhancement to Routehappy: Flightpage, because we too had these questions pop into our head. (Though we’ll admit we’re not sure about your outfit.)

Think of using Flightpage like you’d shop a site such as Amazon or Zappos – a product page offering detailed and relevant information — plus user reviews that you need needs to make a purchase decision. With Flightpage, we’re bringing the first flight product page of its kind to market, with detail presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Never before has a flight shopping site incorporated this much useful content for flyers into the shopping experience, including integrating what real flyers are sharing about flights. Flyers can now easily make the best decision every time they buy a flight and as a result, fly happier! Here’s some of the cool features you can expect:

  • A simple summary of all the flight details you need

  • Visual timeline showing all components of a trip at a glance (especially if it’s not a non-stop flight)

  • Our exclusive Happiness Factors that tell flyers what to expect on the flight (including legroom, aircraft quality, entertainment, in-seat power, Wi-Fi and more)

  • Filtered and sorted tips, which include reviews and photos from real flyers. These can be drilled down to a category of interest to the flyer (such as transportation to or from the airport, food, and crew friendliness)


To get inside Flightpage, you simply search for a flight on Routehappy, and to the right of each flight click the bright blue button to be taken to the Flightpage. You can book that flight right from the Flightpage or go back to look for other choices.


Why is all of this important? We’re bringing social sharing to flight search in a simple, easy-to-understand way. We’re giving flyers like you way more information than they ever had at their fingertips before when searching for flights. For airlines, we’re helping airlines show their ancillary products and highlight the billions airlines have spent (or will spend) over the years on aircraft and product investments.

We continue to look forward to helping flyers like you #flybetter. Search for a flight on Routehappy right now!

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