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Board faster, be happier on American Airlines: carry less on board

Flyers tell us that the boarding process is one of the most stressful parts of their trip. All that waiting while that one guy tries to maneuver his enormous case into the bin, or has to push his way back to the front of the cabin after stowing it in row 22.

So American Airlines is making it easier for people who don’t have bulky bags: those folks now get their own special priority place in line.

The new “Customers Without Overhead Luggage” boarding group slots in after frequent flyers, business/first class passengers, uniformed military and anyone who’s bought priority boarding.

Board earlier if you don't need to put anything in the overhead bin.

You’ll need to fit your bag under the seat in front of you in order to board, so the real benefit to flying lighter is getting to skip waiting in that enormous line that snakes down the aisle and onto the jetway.

Is it worth it to you? We’re interested whether this makes you happier, or whether you’ll still be wheeling your rollaboard down the aisles. Let us know here on the Routehappy blog, join the conversation on Twitter, or discuss it on our Facebook page.

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Travel Trivia Tuesday: Which state doesn’t have commercial flights, but will this summer?

Good news, America: all fifty states will have commercial air service again this summer!

Can you guess which state didn’t have any scheduled airline flights? If you said “Delaware”, you’re right.

But don’t worry, First State residents, you can soar above the clouds without driving to another state first in just a couple of months.
Frontier is starting flights to Delaware’s New Castle Airport in Wilmington (airport code ILG), which has been without scheduled flights for a good part of its history. The most recent gap dates back to 2008, when Skybus folded — remember them?

The airline is pretty clear about who it expects to buy the flights to “Wilmington/Philadelphia”, though. (Hint: Delaware, that’s not you.)

The new flights start on July 1st, and run to Chicago Midway, Orlando, Tampa, Houston and Denver. Not every airport is served every day, so you’ll need to plan carefully.

details-frontier-ilgRoutehappy’s Flightpad system scores the first Wilmington-Orlando flight on July 2nd as a Very Good 7.8 Happiness Score, thanks to the wider seats (31″+W), live TV & movies available for purchase, and Frontier has an Excellent flyer rating from Routehappy’s community of reviewers.

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Expert tips for New York City airports

Routehappy’s based in NYC, and we call the city home. We fly from JFK, Newark and LaGuardia all the time. And so do a lot of our awesome Routehappy reviewers.

Together, we match Flight Genius expertise and real-world, real-flyer tips from people who know what they’re talking about to bring you the latest. (And don’t forget, we rely on you to share your own tips when you review your recent flights!)


Expert tips on New York JFK

“The global entry line on the side lets you cut into the regular line. I always feel a little guilty but do like getting out more quickly,” says Vicki M.

“Terminal 3. Two great things that I rarely see: 1) an airport employee arranging each and every bag as it exited the chute onto the conveyor, so each bag was easy to grab. 2) a Delta employee handing out bottles of water. Thank you!” Great tip from Barry G there.

“The Turkish kiosk near gate 5 is a beacon of culinary light in a soulless tunnel of a terminal. The gozleme is very yummy (and of course greasy).” Sounds like Sankar S knows where to find a hearty dinner.

Expert tips on Newark Liberty

“Little is open before 5am but after 5am, eateries in the satellite and the corridor to the satellite gate area. Long lines for coffee at Java Moon. Philipps Seafood offers breakfast but no fast food like McDonald’s. I didn’t even see a Starbucks,” Henry J comments.

“The train to the EWR station followed by the admittedly amateur-hour people-mover is the best way to get to/from an area airport and midtown,” reckons Ryan V.

“Great lounge considering VS only operate a couple of flights a day from EWR. Modern airside lounge (recently opened). Full meal and bar service, efficient service and friendly staff.” Mark R‘s certainly sold.

Expert tips on New York LaGuardia

“You really can’t beat the 10-minute ride from Astoria to LGA. You don’t even have to hop on the GCP.” Alexandra K has the 4-1-1 on LGA.

“The food and beverage choices, along with the improvements to Terminals C and D have made these terminals much better. The food choices are better as they have ditched the pedestrian chain eateries for higher quality eateries. I got a burger from Custom Burger by Pat LaFreida (this is the same as Shake Shack but it is not called Shake Shack) which was juicy, well seasoned, and reasonably priced at $5.75 in change. My mom got a coffee from Worldbean, which she said was very good,” says Wolf G.

Vicki M certainly likes this Delta lounge at LaGuardia.
I now love this Delta lounge. It is huge, open, modern, and has plenty of plugs. The agent who checked me in was so friendly. I had an espresso from the auto-coffee machine with some steamed milk. This worked better for me than their cappuccinos which are way too milky. Hey Delta, how about getting Nespresso machines and serving us really good coffee,” thinks Vicki M.

Read more tips

Take your pick of New York’s airports for more tips:

Or review your flight right now!

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