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The happiest flights in the US for July 4th

With just two weeks left until Independence Day, have you figured out where you’re going for the long weekend? July 4th falls on a Thursday this year — perfect for a long weekend getaway!

So we took a look at Routehappy to give you some great ideas about where you can fly happiest this July 4th, looking at economy flights leaving Wednesday July 3rd and getting back on Sunday July 7th.

The classic place to spend Independence Day is Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love and the location of the signing (July 1st) and ratification (July 4th) of the Declaration of Independence. Virgin America VX 136 from SFO will get you there the happiest, with a Roomier seat, Wi-Fi, on-demand entertainment and plugs to keep your devices charged up.
But of course, you’ll want to compare other options, like the US Airways flights from San Francisco. They have Wi-Fi — and the Airbus A321 planes have 32″ of legroom, an inch more than US Airways’ standard — but no plugs. Are the extra benefits on Virgin America worth the difference to you? Our powerful Comparison Tool lets you compare what you’ll find on board. You won’t find that anywhere else.

The happiest flights from San Francisco to Philadelphia

If you’re planning to spend July 4th in our nation’s capital, the happiest way to get to Washington DC is on Virgin America flight VX1 from San Francisco to DCA — Washington’s city-center airport right on Metro.

Heading to Hotlanta? The happiest flight to ATL is DL630 from Detroit, with an impressive 8.6 Happiness Score. That’s one of our favorite “international plane on a domestic flight” hidden gems, and we love showing you how, for no extra cash, you can have a much better flight!

If you want some heat and are flying to Phoenix, the happiest way to get there is jetBlue flight 135, with its 34 inches of legroom in standard economy.

Want some Windy City? United has three Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights from Houston — and with their big windows, entertainment, plugs and cabin pressure equal to 6000 feet rather than other planes’ 8000 feet, you won’t feel as tired or dehydrated.

But if a tropical trip to beautiful Hawaii is on the cards, you’ll be happiest flying Hawaiian Airlines, with flights from Seattle, Sacramento, Oakland and Phoenix sharing an Elated 8.7 Happiness Score. Aloha!

No matter where you’re flying to for July 4th, Routehappy can help you find the happiest flight — and at the lowest price. You don’t need to spend more to get more.

Find your own happiest flight right now!

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Use Routehappy’s new Comparison Tool to compare up to four flights in detail

We’re excited to bring you a world first in our mission to find you the happiest flight: our powerful new Comparison Tool.
Routehappy Comparison tool
For the first time ever, you can compare up to four flights side-by-side, right from our results page. With Routehappy’s signature Happiness Factors displayed clearly, you can figure out which of the flights is best for your needs. Like these options from New York to LAX — which are separated by a single dollar:
Routehappy Comparison Tool NYC to LAX
Is great on-demand entertainment more important to you on a six-hour flight? Or would you trade it for two extra inches of legroom? Or how about a plane with the popular pairs of seats by the windows — perfect for snoozing with your sweetie?

More than ever, the Comparison Tool lets Routehappy help you figure out what’s really important for your specific flight. And it takes the guesswork out of figuring out which flight is better, like on these Air France flights from New York to Paris:
NYC to Paris - Routehappy comparison tool
Identical prices, just a couple hours’ differences in departure times, but look at the difference in happiness. Pretty cool, right?

Find your happiest flight with our new Comparison Tool right now!

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