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Find the happiest flights this Memorial Day weekend

The long Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner — have you booked your flights for a relaxing weekend yet? Routehappy helps you find the happiest flight for the lowest price, no matter where you’re jetting off to.

Let’s take an example: you want to head from LA to Miami for the weekend, leaving the Friday before Memorial Day, returning Monday.

The happiest flight is right there in our default Happiness Sort: an Elated 8.9 on Virgin America to Fort Lauderdale, with all the amenities and extra-wide, Roomier seats. And that $608 price looks pretty good for booking just a couple weeks out.


But we all want to see how that price matches up against the competition. So let’s see what happens when you use Routehappy’s powerful Cheapest sort.


The Cheapest sort ranks flights first by price, and then by Happiness Score.


Yikes! Who would have thought that a direct flight on American Airlines would be cheaper than ultra-low cost carrier Spirit? And Spirit’s cheapest involves spending three hours more on a plane, flying via Detroit and getting a Tight seat. Nicely avoided, savvy traveler.

Another Routehappy bonus: check out all those American options going for $537. Routehappy’s the only flight search site that shows you how each of those flights is different so you can make an educated decision based on what you want most.


If comfort is the most important thing for you (and it is for most people), that 777 flight is the best. Those international-configuration 777s are more than an inch roomier than the smaller 737s, and the 2-5-2 layout means that people traveling in pairs can snag themselves their own little section.


But, as our More Details page shows you, you’ll know to bring your iPad or a really good book to keep yourself entertained.

With all the information you need from Routehappy’s team of Flight Geniuses, you can figure out what’s most important to you: how about a Boeing 737-800 with plugs, Wi-Fi and the possibility of “Netflix-server-in-a-plane” streaming video? Or you might prefer a Boeing 767 with the popular 2-3-2 layout: fewer neighbors and only one middle seat per row.

Find a happier flight right now, or keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter for more expert tips, real-world reviews and handy hints!

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Do you agree that American wins on the LAX-JFK route?

AA: American Airlines: "On the LAX-JFK transcontinental route in Business Class... American wins for overall comfort — seats are comfortable and there's something nice about being in a widebody jet for that long a trip, and American is the only airline that flies a widebody." -Jonathan G, on Routehappy
Do you agree with Jonathan? Sound off in the comments below, read more reviews from Jonathan G, more about American Airlines or find a happier flight from LAX to JFK!

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Houstonians! Fly like your Congresscritter.

[image of aircraft seat layout configuration] Vote for roominess. United flies between Houston and Washington over a dozen times a day. Just one of those planes uses a spacious Boeing 767 with roomier seats and fewer neighbors. Routehappy.
Sequester uncomfortable flying, whether you’re traveling from Houston Hobby or Bush Intercontinental. Heading to the nation’s capital from Houston? Find a happier flight right now!

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Atlanta-Detroit flyers on Delta, listen up.

Atlanta ATL to Detroit DTW: Want more space on board? Delta has ten flights a day between Atlanta and Detroit, with eight different jets. only one is a more spacious Boeing 767 with roomier seats. Pick wisely, and fly better.
Finding a widebody jet like the Boeing 767 means fewer neighbors to climb over — and often wider seats with international-quality amenities.

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Routehappy helps you fly better.
Now everyone can find shorter flights with roomier seats, on nicer planes, with better entertainment, plugs, Wi-Fi and more — from better airports.

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