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Flying AirAsia? Snag a Hot Seat.

[image of AirAsia Hot Seats extra legroom emergency exit seats] "Rows 1, 12 and 14 Hot Seats have extra legroom -- it makes all the difference." -Robert A, in AirAsia economy, on Routehappy
Our reviewer Robert A rated his AirAsia flight from Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Kolkata as Perfect. Review your own flight today, or download the Routehappy Reviewer App for iPhone and review while you fly!

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Look at this swanky new United Club in Chicago!

[United Chicago ORD Terminal 1 Gate C16 business lounge] "Brand new flagship United Club in T1 near C16. Not your grandma's airport lounge." -Robert A at Chicago O'Hare on Routehappy
Learn more expert tips and tricks from Routehappy reviewers about United Airlines or Chicago O’Hare Airport, and don’t miss the rest of Robert A’s reviews!

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When choosing seats in Emirates’ Airbus A380 business class…

[Emirates Airbus A380 business class] "Be cautious when choosing EK A380 business class seats...some are noticeably nicer than others. Jason L, on Emirates, on Routehappy.
Routehappy’s reviewers rate Emirates highly in business class, but Jason L’s expert tips will help you fly better no matter which airline you’re flying.

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Heading to London Heathrow? Save money and time.

London Heathrow Airport - LHR. "Delta arrives at Terminal 4, which is a pain to get out of with the commuter train. First you need to take the free Heathrow Express to Terminals 123 and from there choose between the Heathrow Express (expensive, frequent, fast), or the Heathrow Connect (half the price, half the frequency, only 10 minutes longer)." -Jose D, on Routehappy
Want more great tips to get to and from London Heathrow? Or would you prefer to research the other options in town: London City in the Docklands financial district, Gatwick off to the south, Stansted to the northeast, Luton to the northwest, or Southend to the east? North, south, east or west, Routehappy has you covered with great real-world flyer reviews.

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“One of the best lounges”… do you agree?

[Picture of Virgin Atlantic London Heathrow Clubhouse business class lounge] "One of the best lounges in the business! It is a reason to get to the airport early." -Henry J, Virgin LHR Clubhouse, on Routehappy
Henry J has some great reviews! Go ahead and browse through them, or read more about Virgin Atlantic from other reviewers.

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Hey, aisle fans, here’s a tip for you.

[image of widebody jet] Prefer an aisle seat? If you're an aisle fan, pick one of the center aisle seats on a Boeing 747. The 3-4-3 layout means there's only half as many people clambering over you. Routehappy. Fly better.
Did you know about this trick for aisle seat passengers? If so, we want to hear from you. You’re just the type of Flight Genius we’re looking for!

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How do you say “angled flat” in Russian?

[Aeroflot angled lie-flat sloping business class seats] "I again had the angled flat seats. I sat up and worked on this flight and found the seats very comfortable." -Vicki M, Aeroflot business, Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO to Istanbul IST, on Routehappy
Aeroflot? To Istanbul? That’s what our awesome reviewer Vicki M found on Routehappy, and she loved her flight. Read Vicki’s review of the full trip, or catch up with more of Vicki’s reviews.

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HEL? Helsinki Airport’s more like heaven.

HEL: Helsinki Airport. "Best ever lounge, in my opinion. Amazingly comfortable, modern design, extremely clean, fabulous selection of food and drinks. As a gluten free person, I was shocked to find about ten different selections of gluten free pastries." -Rinat S, flying Finnair in business class, on Routehappy
Flyers like Rinat S love Helsinki Airport — for a reason! That’s why we factor real flyer airport ratings into our Happiness Scores on Routehappy.

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Discover all you ever needed to know about the state of airline seating!

Seat types you'll find on

We’re thrilled to release our latest Air Travel Insight report, “Size matters: finding the best seats in the sky”.

Curious as to how many flights within the US have Roomier seats in economy? Or how many flights give you the option of Extra Legroom Economy in exchange for loyalty to the airline or a few bucks?

Or want to know whether the domestic US route you’re flying has international style flat beds up front? Perhaps you’re flying internationally, and want to know how your airline’s offerings stack up against the competition.

We’ve crunched the data in our custom database Flightpad — the same information we show every flyer on a flight-by-flight basis when they find a happier flight at Routehappy — to tell you all that and more.

Download the report today at!

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Want a SIM card for your iPhone in London Heathrow?

LHR: London Heathrow Airport: "Great deal in the SIM card vending machines: 20 pounds for unlimited data, 300 minutes voice and 300 texts on the '3' network. Plug and play too. Awesome!" -John W at London Heathrow on Routehappy
Some airports have great things like this, and some don’t. We factor in airport ratings from real flyers when you search for a flight on Routehappy so that you have a better trip.

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