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Flying AirAsia? Snag a Hot Seat.

[image of AirAsia Hot Seats extra legroom emergency exit seats] "Rows 1, 12 and 14 Hot Seats have extra legroom -- it makes all the difference." -Robert A, in AirAsia economy, on Routehappy
Our reviewer Robert A rated his AirAsia flight from Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Kolkata as Perfect. Review your own flight today, or download the Routehappy Reviewer App for iPhone and review while you fly!

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When choosing seats in Emirates’ Airbus A380 business class…

[Emirates Airbus A380 business class] "Be cautious when choosing EK A380 business class seats...some are noticeably nicer than others. Jason L, on Emirates, on Routehappy.
Routehappy’s reviewers rate Emirates highly in business class, but Jason L’s expert tips will help you fly better no matter which airline you’re flying.

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How do you say “angled flat” in Russian?

[Aeroflot angled lie-flat sloping business class seats] "I again had the angled flat seats. I sat up and worked on this flight and found the seats very comfortable." -Vicki M, Aeroflot business, Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO to Istanbul IST, on Routehappy
Aeroflot? To Istanbul? That’s what our awesome reviewer Vicki M found on Routehappy, and she loved her flight. Read Vicki’s review of the full trip, or catch up with more of Vicki’s reviews.

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Oh Baby, Baby!

He has arrived, the #royalbaby. The world is taking to social media to announce their joys over the birth of Wills & Kate’s little one. But once the Royal couple are in need of a holiday to the States to get away — and, of course, to introduce the baby to America — how might the world’s number one set of new parents get here? Here at Routehappy we specialize in make the trip as happy for them (or you) no matter whether you’re traveling like a prince, princess or the fourteenth footman downstairs.

American Airlines, LHR – DFW on a freshly steeped 777-300ER

Let’s say the Royal family wants to take a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth. You know, land of big hair and personalities — oh, and that quintessential American department store, Neiman Marcus. They can hop onboard American Airlines’ new 777-300ER from Heathrow and make the 10 hour or so hop to the big D. Onboard, we’d recommend they sit in these comfortable first class full flat pods.


Air New Zealand, LHR to LAX on 777-300

Perhaps Kate wants to have high tea and trade Mommy (sorry, Mummy) tips with our very own Royal Mother in the US, Kim Kardashian.  For her, we’d recommend a hop on a true hidden gem. Air New Zealand flies from LHR with an ultimate goal of ending up in Auckland (AKL) of course, but since no aircraft can yet reach quite that far, they make a leisurely stop in Los Angeles (LAX). The London-LA leg is one of the best kept secrets in all of Hollywood.

Air New Zealand is known for their fabulous Kiwi staff, luxury and effervescence. When Kate needs that drink refreshed, she can belly up to the in-flight bar and select a delicious New Zealand wine (or two), chat with fellow passengers or head back to her full flat pod business class seat.


British Airways, LCY to JFK, on A318

Before you question a possible typo at the end there, we did mean A318. This is an all business class flight that jaunts from London City airport to Shannon, Ireland, and eventually to JFK. The stop in Shannon is quite brilliant – it’s a United States pre-clearance zone which allows folks on certain flights to clear customs in Ireland and avoid the sometimes long lines at JFK. Here’s a look at this intimate cabin with just 32  full flat seats:


British Airways, LHR to NYC (JFK or EWR), on a 777-200 or 747-400

If taking a brief Irish pitstop isn’t their jive, and the idea of a cozy private space seems more appealing, they may opt for a full flat pod in BA’s New First Class, offered on most flights to the US. Important note: supermodel Rachel Weisz isn’t included in the ticket price.

Seat - First Class Full Flat Pod - British Airways - New First - Rachel Weisz

Virgin Atlantic, LHR to JFK, on A330-300

Another exceedingly shiny way to get from LHR to JFK is Virgin Atlantic, in Upper Class. Virgin offers swish new full flat pod seating, a wide selection of on-demand entertainment, comfortable 1-1-1 seating layout, plugs, and a trial of Wi-Fi on most flights. Their new Dream Suites make the flight really comfortable and stylish.

Seat - Full Flat Pod - Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Dream Suite - A330 only

Naturally, one needn’t be related to Her Majesty to want a happier, more comfortable flight. And we at Routehappy don’t think you should have to pawn off the family jewels to pay for it! Find your own happiest flight — for the lowest price — at

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Have and Have Not

If you’re a reality show junkie (especially if you’re flying an airline like JetBlue or Virgin America that have live satellite TV offerings) you may have come across CBS’s Big Brother, now in their 15th season.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it works like this: 16 “houseguests” live together in a house built on the CBS studio lots, completely cut off from the outside world for 3 months. They struggle for power with the end goal of being the last one standing, with a $500,000 check to sweeten the deal.

Each week, a competition is held to compete for luxuries, and the losers become “have-nots” for the week. When you become a have-not, you have to eat “slop” as your main meal for the week (which is some sort of a cold oatmeal-type substance) and sleep in a more uncomfortable room as opposed to a normal bed.


This year, the folks at CBS put on their #avgeek hats and recreated a coach class cabin of their very own, complete with some rather basic seats (which do not recline, by the way) and plenty of space for their luggage.


At Routehappy, we’re all about our unique Happiness Scores that tell fliers what flights are the happiest and at the best price, ranging from 0-10. Thinking about this cabin, we wanted to put our Happiness Factors to the test and build a score for the Have-Not room:

big-jetAircraft Type: It’s hard to say, but we think this is a much older aircraft judging by the older tray tables and baggage compartments, not to mention the super retro luggage they’ve uncovered.

roomier-seatSeat Type: If seated in the front row, legroom is plentiful, but in the back row – seems like an average seat pitch. There is no competition within the competition to decide who sits where. Generally only about 6 “have-nots” exist, so each should be able to get their own row.

seat-layoutSeat Layout: 3-3-3 is relatively more comfortable than 3-4-3 on those long international flights, and this angled configuration is certainly unique to the have-not room, so we’ll consider this a plus.

entertainmentEntertainment: No seatback televisions here, but instead, mirrors with cameras looking in to watch all the juicy conversations which involve lots of salacious gossip. So, that in and of itself can be entertaining.

plugsPower: Depends on the definition. No power outlets to juice up gadgets in here (since the houseguests aren’t allowed to have any in the first place), but plenty of struggles for leadership power in the house.

wi-fiWi-Fi: Houseguests are cut off from the outside world. They can’t communicate with friends or family, let alone see what’s happening on Twitter. If there is a Wi-Fi stream, it’s just for the CBS employees outside the door.

goodFlyer Rating: Initial feedback from the houseguests is quite dismal, especially combining this with the added punishment of eating “slop.” We also should mention that there isn’t an attentive flight crew around to help keep the houseguests comfortable.

really-fastThe Happiness Hover: A Have-Not “sentence” is about a week long, so think of taking an entire week to get somewhere in one of these non-luxurious seats. It’s also not a guarantee that the sentence lasts one week. If a have-not loses a subsequent competition, they might spend another week onboard.

Scoring this together, we’re going to give the Have-Not room a completely made-up (and non-scientific) Happiness Score of 1.0. We also call this our “dreadful” rating.

This uncomfortable cabin makes your flight look pretty great now, doesn’t it? With airlines investing more money than ever on new planes, seats and amenities, you’ll find all the key differences laid out helpfully and easily at Routehappy!

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Fly like a Kardashian on American to LAX.

Both roomier seats and fewer neighbors are part of our unique Happiness Scores. Window passengers don’t want to trouble more people than they have to in order to get out, and aisle passengers want a minimum of people springing over them like a gazelle/hippo in the middle of the night.

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Alitalia? (Yes, Alitalia.)

[image of full flat pod bed with direct aisle access] Sleep like a bambino. Alitalia is a hidden gem when flying business class between NYC and Rome. With full flat beds, and direct aisle access for all, you'll sleep like a baby all the way to Italy. Routehappy. Fly better.
That direct aisle access is super-important: you don’t get much chance for sleep on a flight from NYC to Rome, and being woken up by a neighbor is a pain. Full flat pods are the best in business class, because you don’t have any neighbors. That’s why we rate them so highly in our Happiness Scores.

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Find the happiest flights this Memorial Day weekend

The long Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner — have you booked your flights for a relaxing weekend yet? Routehappy helps you find the happiest flight for the lowest price, no matter where you’re jetting off to.

Let’s take an example: you want to head from LA to Miami for the weekend, leaving the Friday before Memorial Day, returning Monday.

The happiest flight is right there in our default Happiness Sort: an Elated 8.9 on Virgin America to Fort Lauderdale, with all the amenities and extra-wide, Roomier seats. And that $608 price looks pretty good for booking just a couple weeks out.


But we all want to see how that price matches up against the competition. So let’s see what happens when you use Routehappy’s powerful Cheapest sort.


The Cheapest sort ranks flights first by price, and then by Happiness Score.


Yikes! Who would have thought that a direct flight on American Airlines would be cheaper than ultra-low cost carrier Spirit? And Spirit’s cheapest involves spending three hours more on a plane, flying via Detroit and getting a Tight seat. Nicely avoided, savvy traveler.

Another Routehappy bonus: check out all those American options going for $537. Routehappy’s the only flight search site that shows you how each of those flights is different so you can make an educated decision based on what you want most.


If comfort is the most important thing for you (and it is for most people), that 777 flight is the best. Those international-configuration 777s are more than an inch roomier than the smaller 737s, and the 2-5-2 layout means that people traveling in pairs can snag themselves their own little section.


But, as our More Details page shows you, you’ll know to bring your iPad or a really good book to keep yourself entertained.

With all the information you need from Routehappy’s team of Flight Geniuses, you can figure out what’s most important to you: how about a Boeing 737-800 with plugs, Wi-Fi and the possibility of “Netflix-server-in-a-plane” streaming video? Or you might prefer a Boeing 767 with the popular 2-3-2 layout: fewer neighbors and only one middle seat per row.

Find a happier flight right now, or keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter for more expert tips, real-world reviews and handy hints!

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Look at all the storage space on Thai’s A380!

"Very nice new business class product on their A380." -Ben H, on Thai Airways, on Routehappy.
Don’t miss Ben H’s other reviews — and check out more expert tips about Thai Airways.

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Yes, that Air Koryo. The one from North Korea.

Of course you want to read more from Craig S… and more about Air Koryo!

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