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Now you can book direct with US Airways on Routehappy!

We know that flyers like buying their tickets direct from airlines, so we’re thrilled to welcome US Airways as our latest airline booking partner. Hey there, Phoenix!

Now once you’ve found the happiest flight for the lowest price, we’ll hand you over to our buddies at US Airways to buy your ticket.

Get more legroom on US Airways flights! US Airways' Envoy suite is outstanding!

As well as US Airways, you can book direct on American Airlines, Delta and United, plus Air France, Alitalia and KLM — and we’re adding new partners frequently. For other airlines, our friends at Priceline (no longer just a bid-for-flights site!) will take good care of you.

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Extra legroom for free on US Airways? Yes please.

[Get a roomier seat] Did you know? US Airways' Airbus A321s have an inch of legroom more than its A320s. Add an extra inch of seat width and we call that a Roomier seat - one of the more spacious in the sky. Routehappy. Fly better.
It’s true! And Airbus A321s also have two sets of exit rows in the middle of the plane, which means more opportunity to get hold of extra legroom. Plane Type is just one of the many things we take into account in our Happiness Scoring.

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You’ll never guess which US airline has this great business seat.

[image of US Airways' business class Envoy Suite is outstanding!" -Ben H from Philadelphia to Madrid on Routehappy.
Our reviewer Ben H is right: US Airways does have an outstanding full flat pod seat. That’s the type with direct aisle access for everyone — no more climbing over the person next to you in the middle of the night. Find a happier flight with them right now!

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