Are you a flight genius?

We want to create the most accurate information on flights in the world, presented as usefully as possible to the greatest number of flyers.

That’s why we’ve assembled some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet — both as full-time members of Team Routehappy and as reviewers, contributors, friends, advisers, and helpers.

If you’re a flight genius too, we’d like you to join us, because together we can change the world of air travel for the better.

Are you a flight genius?

Whatever your expertise is — planes, seats, routes, airports, airlines, inflight entertainment or connectivity, flight hacking, frequent flyer miles — we invite you to join us in our mission.

Maybe you’re the person everyone always asks for the best flight options. You might know that your airline runs three types of 767 on a certain route, and know which one’s the best. Or that seats on an A321 have an inch more legroom than the rest of the fleet. Or you know your inflight Internet Ka band from your Ku band.

Perhaps you love reviewing the specifics of your flight, sharing tips and photos with a community of others. (We’ve got a website and an iPhone app for that.)

Or you might simply spot that something on Routehappy looks wrong to you. We strive for perfection — but as any Flight Genius knows, things are always changing! Please, tell us about it and help us to create the most comprehensive, reliable information out there for everyone to use.

If any of that sounds like you, we invite you to become a Routehappy member, review flights, use our flight search, and get in touch directly with our data team if you can contribute more.

Together, we can help everyone fly better.

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Routehappy helps you fly better.
Now everyone can find shorter flights with roomier seats, on nicer planes, with better entertainment, plugs, Wi-Fi and more — from better airports.

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